Wednesday, 19 May 2010


This is my first time so please be gentle.

I used to write for our school's publication, so I'm trying to see if my skills can match up to this new environment, I've quit the stud pub because apparently, they're taking a new direction, and I do not wish to partake in it.

I'd like to envision that this blog would hold all things SNSD, because apparently, i just recently realized that I'm also a big big fan. But i don't think i can

I just concluded my internship tenure recently, whilst being there, I had the privilege of meeting some fun and interesting people, some people I learned a lot from, some people I had fun with and definitely there were also "some" I couldn't bear leave behind.

Of all those people, there was one particularly interesting person to have conversations with, and he's the primary reason I'm starting this blog, it's because of what he said, even though I'm not really a bloggy type of person.

His name, is Ian Uy, a certified K-Pop fan boy, and master of all explanations. Seriously, you need to hear him explain about things, especially K-Pop, you would've been missing out if you haven't.
(Hey IAN! I'm advertising you here for free HERE! SHOW SOME GRATITUDE! hahahahah)

I really don't know what to write here on the consequent posts that would hopefully follow on this one, but I have a lot of thoughts, mostly random ones, but hopefully I'll be able to mash them up together nicely to make some interesting articles here.

I think this is it for now, I'm hungry so i can't think straight, till next time, ciaossu~